Just a note from Tiff.......
There is just so much going on right now. I don't know where to start......... So here it goes!

As you know Matt and I are dedicated to our Crawler Family and what happened at Axialfest 2018 just cemented that even more. There is a member of the Pro-Line family that has a little girl that is battling cancer. At Axialfest Pro-Lne raffled off a Bomber to help pay for medical bills for her and that was absolutely amazing but what made it even better was one of our local Vegas guys, Ben Thomas! He built an awesome rig and put up for auction, all money going to help the family. Then people started coming forward with private donations, how cool is this!!!!!! It amazes me still how we all come together to take care of each other, reguardless of where we are from or what we are driving. We are all one community and that would be why I love this sport so much! 

If you would like to add your support, you can donate directly here: https://www.gofundme.com/camila-gonzalez

So like I said so much happening!

It is that time of year again for the ACC18. This cause is so near and dear to my heart. These guys blow it out of the park with this event and celebrate a great cause. If you can make it you need to be at this event. I am very proud to be a part of the ASD Crawler family and will always do everything I can to help. If you need tickets, hit up the link below and join in the fun.


On a local note!!

We are hosting a poker night this Saturday August 4th. Lone Mountain! Last time we gave out over $200 in cash! Call it school shopping money for those of us that have kiddos. So come join us for a night crawl and fun. 


As I logged into FB this morning, there it was! Something I don't think anyone really saw coming. John Schultz onto another adventure????  While we wish him the best of luck in the new adventures, we wonder who will step in to fill those big shoes???? You have been such a big part of Axialfest and other events for us and it will just not be the same without you. 

From one trouble maker to another, we love you Mr Schultz and you will be missed. We will see you on the trails. Good luck to you!!!!

If you would like to submit you rig and or event for feature, email pics and descriptions over to Tiffany@issuedlvscalers.com
I am gathering the list! I will update by the weekend!
Local Points Series
  1. Coming Soon!!!!
    We will have the events up! Also the comp events hosted by Vader!!!
  1. Pro-Line Parade and Carshow
  2. Tekin Element Proof
    Mud? Yep. Water? Oh yeah. Snow? No problem. Tackle the elements with Tekin Element Proof products
  3. Axialfest 2018 Parade
    So many amazing cars and 1 parade
  1. Issued takes on Mt Charleston
    Chair lift at Mt Charleston
  2. Pro-Line Scale Adventure: by the Fire
    Just some shots of the Pro-Line Event!
  3. Pro-Line Racing Axialfest 2017

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