Just a note from Tiff.......

So much has changed about Issued since we first started this. We have grown and joined other amazing groups. We have traveled and we have gotten to know some of the greatest people. There have been so many people out there that have touched our lives. We want to support and show love for everyone, not just our locals. Thank you everyone that has been there and stood by us, even in our worst of times. Our community has had our share of drama and we have been apart of it, I hate to say. Know this, we have nothing but love and we always support. There may be words said and feeling hurt and we are sorry for our part. We will always side on the side of forgiveness and we know at the end of the day we are one community, we are all only human.

I just want to say this. Forgive those that show sorrow for their actions, love your fellow RC brother (or sister) and support those that support you. We are one community and we all need to come together as one community. 

We love you all and we will see you on the trail.


Las Vegas Scale Challenge FINALS!!!!!!

April 8th, 2017
Logandale Trails
Logandale, NV

We will be having our scale series finals Sunday April 8th, 2018, out at Logandale Trails. We will be headed out Saturday April 7th for camping and fun before the comp if anyone wants to join us. Also we will be having a cookout and swapmeet after the comp on Sunday. So bring the family and the RC stuff you would like to sell / trade. 

If you would like to submit you rig and or event for feature, email pics and descriptions over to Tiffany@issuedlvscalers.com
  1. Apr 29
    Grant a Gift for Autism 5K
    Town Square Las Vegas http://give.grantagiftfoundation.org/site/TR/RunWalk/General?team_id=1013&pg=team&fr_id=1040
  2. May 19-20
    Pro-Line By the Fire
    Horsemans Center Apple Valley, CA
Local Points Series
  1. Apr 8
    Logandale Trails CAMP OUT SATURDAY NIGHT 4/7/18
  1. Jun 14 -17
    ParkerFest 2018
    Jefferson State Scalers Yreka, CA
  2. Jul 18-21
    Axialfest 2018
    Cisco Grove Campground and RV Park http://www.axialracing.com/blog_posts/1073925443
  1. Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4
    The newest release from Pro-Line Racing
  2. Pro-Line Parade and Carshow
  3. Tekin Element Proof
    Mud? Yep. Water? Oh yeah. Snow? No problem. Tackle the elements with Tekin Element Proof products
  1. Issued takes on Mt Charleston
    Chair lift at Mt Charleston
  2. Pro-Line Scale Adventure: by the Fire
    Just some shots of the Pro-Line Event!
  3. Pro-Line Racing Axialfest 2017

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