​Once again Pro-Line did not let us down. We had such an awesome time out at the Pro-Line moster truck event this weekend. We got to hang out with our extended RC family and talk with some truely awesome people. It was an honor to get to chat with Todd Matson, the man behind Pro-Line Racing. Of course seeing our extended family is always a highlight we always look forward to.  The trucks, well, were do I start. We are normally all about the crawlers but these monster trucks were AWESOME!!!!! 

Now onto our local crawling series this weekend with our local and some out of towner family. There are some changes in the rules this year and it should be a lot of fun having the 1.5 class out there with us. So be ready and lets get this going!!!!

I know I am looking forward to this years crawler season, I will be getting off the bench and doing some competing myself.

If you would like to submit you rig and or event for feature, email pics and descriptions over to Tiffany@issuedlvscalers.com
  1. Nov 3-4
    The Pro-Line Fix Enduro
    Horseman's Center
  2. Dec 1-3
    Recon G6 Birthday Bash
    Warrior Point Park Pyramid Lake, NV
Local Points Series
  1. Oct 21
    Points Series 1
    Calico Basin
  2. Nov 19
    Points Series 2
    Bootleg Canyon
  1. Dec 10
    Points Series 3
    Lone Mtn
  2. Jan 21
    Points Series 4
  1. Feb 18
    Points Series 5
    Cliff Shadows
  2. Mar 4
    Points Series 6
    Calico Basin
  1. Apr 8
Matt Wolfe

Tiffany Wolfe
Nate Mast
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