While Axialfest has come and gone, the memories and laughs will last a lifetime. We want to give a big THANK YOU to Axial and all of the volunteers and vendors, without you we would not have been able to enjoy this event. We had such an amazing time visting with our crawler family and just being out on the rocks.

From A to J these trails were AWESOME. While some proved to be the devil, they were all well thought out and fun. From technical to a walk in the forest, we could not have asked for better runs. Don't even get me started on the crazy water crossing. That was no joke and AMAZING! I still cannot get over the slide on course C. CKRC really pulled one off there. Elio, the set up on H. OMG, you are so talented! Can't forget the start gate couse D by Pro-Line, oh wait that was Matt that built that! LOL

The Altra race proved to be a challenge but in the same it was crazy fun. I watched Matt and the others really battle that course. Next time I think Matt will be hitting the course with a 2.2. His 1.9 just could not pull this one off and the couse won. Chris with Altra, you rock! 
This whole expierence would not have been what it was without our crawler family. From ASD Crawlers to Renegade Rock Runners, and everyone in between, we love you guys! Can't wait until the next event!!!!! 
If you would like to submit you rig and or event for feature, email pics and descriptions over to Tiffany@issuedlvscalers.com
  1. Aug 19, 2017
    Autism Awareness Crawl
    8:00am https://www.facebook.com/events/17612930/17420712/
  2. Oct 6-8
    Crawlapalooza 2017
    Disney, OK www.crawlapalooza.com
  3. Oct 14
    A.V.R.C.C. Fall Crawl
    Sawtooth Canyon Lucerne Valley, CA
Local Points Series
  1. Pro-Line Takes Over RCX
    Some great footage of serious talent for car building
  2. Pro-Line Parade and Carshow
  3. MS Tech Chassis Testing
  1. Issued takes on Mt Charleston
    Chair lift at Mt Charleston
  2. Pro-Line Scale Adventure: by the Fire
    Just some shots of the Pro-Line Event!
  3. New Day- LVSC Sunday GTG
    Awesome video done by Ferndog310

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